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Zamil Offshore

ZIP Code
Saudi Arabia

Company Profile:
Zamil Offshore Services Company (ZOSCO) is a closed Joint Stock company wholly owned by Zamil Group Holding. It was founded in 1977 as a 100% Saudi Company working in diversified offshore and marine support services for the oil & gas industry.
Currently, ZOSCO owns and operates the largest, youngest and advanced specialized offshore fleet in the Middle East. Its scope of work covers; offshore marine services, ship chartering, ship chandelling, offshore and on-shore Engineering & Construction Services including Hook-Up business, offshore shipbuilding and ship & rig repair, and sea ports operation and management.

Offshore Support Services

What we offer:
Zamil offshore has four divisions:
Marine Operations Division: currently manages fifty six offshore support vessels and one Jack up lift barge. It has 16 offshore vessels under construction offering good chartering opportunities.
Engineering & Construction Services Division: is working in the specialized field several offshore and onshore services for the oil and gas industry including diving and the hook-up projects, Maintenance, Upgrade, Modification and Commissioning Support for the offshore rigs and platforms.
Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Divison: It is the premier and only shipbuilder in the kingdom. Since established in 2002 it has built and delivered 33 offshore and port service vessels. It offers new building and repair services for small to medium vessels.
Sea Ports Operation Divison: it operates the navigation & pilotage at king Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:
Expanding our services to South East Asia.
Chartering our offshore vessels.
Building and repair of all knids of vessels up to 9000 tons in weight.
Specialized diving services
And we are looking for:
JV partners for operating our new shipyard facility which is under construction now.

  • Ships (including repairs and refits)
  • Marine/Offshore technology
  • Ports and port technology
  • Maritime services
  • Shipbrokers and charterers
  • Shipowners

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Mr Consultant Eng. Hassan Abouraya

Corporate Biz Dev/ Intl Mktg & Risk Mgt

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