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Howell Laboratories, Inc.

188 Harrison Road
ZIP Code
United States

Company Profile:
HLI is an employee-owned company, certified to ISO 9001 and located in the US in Bridgton, Maine. We have a history of developing and servicing shipboard machinery for Navy and commercial maritime applications. We actively seek teaming arrangements with firms that have innovative technology. We have recently teamed with several domestic and European companies in offering environmental protection systems such as oily water, wastewater, bilge water treatment, and solid waste disposal. HLI brings to teaming arrangements the engineering ability to transform these technologies into qualified Navy products. Our extensive experience, capabilities and contacts not only make us an ideal technology partner for hardening commercial technology for Navy use, but also a unique and effective sales and service provider for commercial products for US shipyards and US based shipping companies.

Equipment design and manufacturing and provider of fluid processing equipment for water treatment, air dehydration, marine antifouling.

What we offer:
HLI has a history of almost half a century of developing and servicing shipboard machinery for Navy and commercial maritime applications. It has a proven track record of adapting commercial technology and successfully introducing it to the Navy.

One of our products offered through a teaming arangement is on-site generation of chlorine for the treatment of drinking water, pools and spas. The benefits of on-site generation include:
• Higher efficacy
• Elimination of biofilm (lowering the risk Legionella as well as consumption of oxidant)
• Lower Total Trihalomethanes (TTHM) and Haloacetic acids (HAA5)
• Lower Turbidity
• Improved taste and odor
• Safer and greener (only requires salt)
• Lower total ownership cost

What we are looking for:
Looking for potential partners searching for an engineering/manufacturing/sales organization capable of qualifying and selling to the US Navy and/or US based commercial marine customers.

Also looking for customers interested in green, economical water treatment, pool and spa sanitation, air dehydrators.

  • Water systems
  • Marine/Offshore technology

Collaboration sought:
  • Research, Technological alliance


Mr David Roberts

Director of Commercial Engineering

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