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Couple Systems GmbH

Hamburger Landstra├če 49
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Company Profile:
Couple Systems was founded in Germany in 2007 and focused on environmental technologies for the international maritime shipping.

It's mission is to become the technology leader for exhaust gas cleaning systems in the maritime industry within the next five years.

Couple Systems' business is innovation, development, manufacture and marketing of exhaust gas cleaning systems for the reduction of emissions from ships.The company has in form of its extraordinary team more than 25 years of successful experience in engineering of all kinds of industrial flue gas cleaning systems. This is absolutely unique in the shipping industry.

Dry Exhaust Gas Cleaning System

What we offer:
The DryEGCS technology was especially developed for the maritime indusrty to clean exhaust gas of vessels based on a dry desulphurization process onboard. This system is adapted from land-based applications and calcium hydroxide in granulate form is used for the absorptive process.
The advantages of the DryEGCS
- Robust and proven simple system
- We have no corrosion of downstream
installed exhaust gas components
- Very low energy consumption
- No reheating of the exhaust gas required for
the SCR

Not only in the return on investment of the DryEGCS reliably achieved in a short period, but, more importantly, the ship owner meets his legal obligations and his responsibility for the environment in a just and sustainable manner.

What we are looking for:
We would like to introduce our products to the maritime industry, ecspecially to ship owners and charterers.
We can provide any customer who is interested in our system with OPEX and CAPEX calculation as well as return on investment analysis.


Mr Philipp Liebe

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