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Franz Wölfer Elektromaschinenfabrik Osnabrück GmbH

Industriestraße 14
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
Franz Wölfer Elektromaschinenfabrik Osnabrück GmbH is located in Osnabrück, which is in northern Germany, near to the border to Netherlands.
Our family owned company has approx. 100 employees.
We are conenctrating on the production of customized three-phase low voltage motors for inverter operation. Our motors stands out for a very high reliability, much lower inertia than motors from other brands and a higher pull-out torque (>350%).
Our main markets are the hoisting industry, especially containter cranes and floating cranes as well as special winch applications in offshore conditions.
All motors are electrically as well as mechanically designed according to the specs of the client and guarantee by this optimized values concerning efficiency, energy demand, weight,...
For further information please visit our homepage or let us have a discussion in September in Hamburg.

Customised, energy efficient motors for cargo handling systems

What we offer:
- three-phase-low-voltage motors in slipring design
- three-phase-low-voltage motors in squirrel-cage design for inverter operation
- the motors are customized, that means with minized weight, lower moment of inertia and higher pull-out torque (>350%) than motors from other brands.
- by the a.m. technical advantages the user can drive the motors with a lower energy demand, which reduces the life-cycle cost, or with a shorter acceleration time which increases the efficiency of the application.
- especially the operators of cranes (especially container handling) and winch/floating crane applications participate from our technical advantages
- all motors are available in outer cooled design (IP56) and inner cooled design (IP23)
- all our motors can be delivered according the rules of the common classification societies

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners in marine sector who are responsible for the choice of the electrical motors, this can be consultants, electrical OEMs, winch OEMs or crane OEMs.
Furthermore we are looking for possible sales agencies in Scandinavia or US.

  • Cargo handling systems
  • Electrical engineering/electronics (e.g. communication, lighting systems)
  • Marine/Offshore technology
  • Ports and port technology

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial alliance
  • Industrial alliance
  • Trade Intermediary Service (agent, distributor, representative)


Mr Klaus Sprekelmeyer

Head of Sales
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