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Shinwon Tech co., ltd.

Kt Eunjin Branch,58-5, Euljiro-6ga, Jung Gu
ZIP Code
Korea, Republic of


LED Light welding mask

What we offer:
1. Opens the toe cap and with closes and is a structure where the light is operated.
2.Applies brightness LED and is 0.5w.
3.Immediat confirms a first welding at the time of weld defects and will be able to amend, according to workplace 2~3 days will be able to work in order with 1 charging,(LI-ion 3.7v) lithium first change of air comes to use jointly a secondary cell, serviceable.
4. Work volition moving with the range of vision security which dawns, is convenient.
5. Electric shock accident the somewhat will be able to prevent.
6. The work voluntary sense of insecurity which is caused by with electric leakage the while working is solved and with operating efficiency improvement and shortening of work process contributes in enterprise profit creation.
7. Is a product which is developed with shipyard practical career.
8. Patent registers, design registers, trademark registration, PCT is a product which makes an application.

What we are looking for:
We are interested in shipyards,shipowners,maritime companies who needs to safety equipment.

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