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Beaz SAU

Sabino Arana, 8
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Company Profile:
Beaz is a business development organization working at a regional level in Biscay, one of the regions the Basque Country is made up of. It was created by the Department for Economic Development of the County Council of Biscay,
Beaz deals with the development of companies; either at the beginning and/or growing stages
Not any kind of company; those backed up by Beaz have to be innovative either in product or service

The mission of Beaz is to foster growth in the region of Biscay in terms of economic activity and employment through the development of innovative projects

Beaz goes along with the company in its complete life span; providing services that have to do with information and advicing in the following areas:
- industrial space, offices, incubators for high-tech companies, university pin-offs and biotechnology companies
- Financing
- Tax deductions from R&D activities
- Company creation
- Innovative projects
- Info on other subsidies provided by other administration bodies
- Internationalization issues and the EEN network

Regional development organization provides services to companies

What we offer:
we offer our expertise and organization in the services we have at the disposal of the local companies

What we are looking for:
we would like to exchange ideas with similar organization that also work in the field of economic development of companies


Ms Fatima Garcia-Ogara

project manager

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