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Eurosportello - Special Agency of Naples Chamber of Commerce - EEN member

Corso Meridionale, 58
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Company Profile:
Eurosportello Napoli is the Special Agency of Naples Chamber of Commerce, intended to foster the local firms internationalization process.
Eurosportello Napoli has been devoting a great and steady care to this mission since its creation and for this reason it has reached a leading role within the market-support activity for those Campania firms wishing to broaden their horizons .

Such an agency is the seat of one of more than 600 Enterprise Europe Network desk located in Europe referring to the European Committee and acting as information and market support for the firms

Eurosportello - Azienda Speciale della Camera di Commercio I.A.A. di Napoli per le Attività Internazionali

What we offer:
Eurosportello main activities are represented by consulting and market-support services within the following fields:
- European Community laws and decisions of the courts;
- national implementation laws;
- regulations for foreign trade and internationalization;
- customs and fiscal aspects associated to the market integration;
- programmes intended to foster transnational cooperation;
- research and development programmes;
- programmes, actions, and financing both EC and non-European countries oriented;
- trade penetration: one-to-one firm support;

What we are looking for:
Eurosportello ensures its support to transnational cooperation both of state bodies and agencies and small and medium firms by fostering international relationship consolidation and development through:

- Partner researching for cooperation development within trade, technology, financing and science by using European Commission, international and national instruments (Business Co-operation Database).

- Promoting and organizing partnership events fostered by EC

- Organizing entrepreneurial missions on the occasion of partnership international events

- Welcoming international delegations, both of politic and economic nature;
- Planning of international events to take place both in Italy and abroad;
- Information on European Union tenders and international contracts

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