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Croy 18
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5653 LD

Company Profile:
MasterShip's core business is knowledge of the work preparation for ships. MasterShip head office is in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. There is a software development office in Shanghai, China, and an engineering office in Wuhan, China. Sales and services are ensured via MasterShip Centers in Europe, China, Indonesia, Brazil and India.
MasterShip-software translates design concepts into production information and is fully integrated with the latest AutoCAD versions. The software makes use of the latest 3D technology to model the entire ship structure, installations, piping and ducting on board. MasterShip has a unique project services formula to support clients on project base with the building preparation for ships. Project management is done via local MasterShip project managers, the hour production is cost effectively done at the engineering office in China. A wide experience for more then 500 projects for seagoing ships, work ships, inland barges and (mega) yachts in sizes from 6 to 370 meters will guarantee an effective and efficient job.
MasterShip was founded in 1986 by Jacques Hoffmans, after he graduated in Naval Architecture at Delft University of Technology.

Specialists in CAD/CAM software, engineering and management of outsourced processes

What we offer:
1. Our area of expertise is work preparation for shipbuilding, yacht building and offshore construction. We deliver production information and building kits to clients.
2. We offer our 3D MasterShip CAD/CAM software, which is based on AutoCAD. MasterShip contains its unique TOM technology. TOM = template oriented modeling.
TOM makes a 25% percent reduction of engineering man-hours possible. In the near future new TOM developments will increase this to 50%.
3. MasterShip software is easy to learn and to manage. It has the best excellent price performance ratio (4 times cheaper, 2 times faster) available in the market today.
4. Extensive experience and systems are available to manage engineering outsourcing processes with respect to quality and progress
5.Clients can hire temporarily employees who work fully dedicated for them while working in the MasterShip engineering office in Wuhan, China. MasterShip will take care for the human resources, the hard- and software and the communication facilities. With this concept hour costs savings of 50% can easily be reached

What we are looking for:
1. Distributors for MasterShip Software and Services
2. Sectors: shipbuilding, offshore and mega yacht building sectors
3. New clients: shipyards, engineering companies, design companies and ship-owners
4. Areas: Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America

  • Ships (including repairs and refits)
  • Maritime services

Collaboration sought:
  • Subcontract/outsourcing activity


Mr Freek Smulders

Business Developer

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