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Bethel Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Songcheon-ri, S
Korea, Republic of


Magic grating

What we offer:
▶ The Non-slip Magic Grating is New product of emboss processing technology
▶ The innovative triangle structure enable to walk on without sliding and
the wheel chair can cross without being stuck.
▶ Magic Grating is enhanced Non-Slip ability to improve embossment.
▶ Outstanding sliding prevention against raining and snowing even an ice bound seasons.
▶ Convenient to work and pass on with gasoline and oil without slippery.
▶ Providing with safer working space in power and marine plant and vessel.
▶ Safety net magic grating added fine net, prevents any failings of small tools thus,
this would be great for shipbuilding
▶ The triangle structure fits perfectly on the heavy weighted road because
of the strong load process.
▶ The optimal load design is possible based on each load and provides
safe work place when used in the plant.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for projects where our experience and expertise can have a positive impact on the business.

looking for customers as

  • Ship fittings and equipment


Mr Kotra Hamburg

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